Shelbee, a reason for singing

10 05 2011

On May 7th, 2011, Daron Norwood and Reydon Stanford brought the West Texas Country Music Hayride to Seminole Texas.

Brian Overton had set up an opportunity to raise money for a very special family, The Roberts, by finding the availability of the high school auditorium that seats 1200.

The Roberts’ daughter at 5 years old, Shelbee, has been in treatment for cancer, and the tumor has wrapped around her brain stem. Despite the hard times, treatments and side effects from the medication, Shelbee shines a personality brighter than the sun. What a joy she is and encouragement to others with her outpouring of love to her family and all those who help her.

Daron Norwood, Reydon Stanford, Cathleen Tyson and Trey Topper put on a show for over two hours bringing Shelbee up on stage twice. She giggled at jokes and belly laughed at Daron’s antics on stage as he did impersonations of Willie Nelson, Ray Charles and George Jones. Good to see her laugh so hard.

Although the crowds were not as large as we had hoped for this benefit, the WTCMH gang are hoping to come back again to Seminole where such wonderful people preside.

The last song of the night was a song Daron wrote a while back but had not performed it. He brought the family on stage at sang, “Love Me Past the Pain.” A very emotional song for a very special evening.